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SummerWorks campers at Rowland Hall circle up for an engaging lawn activity in Salt Lake City.

Senior Leos

For campers entering grades 3 and 4


Senior Leos take summer by storm during their fun-filled days at SummerWorks. Each week, campers pursue personal curiosities through weekly enrichment activities, while continuing to explore new interests through physical activity, art and creative expression, and outdoor adventures. With their team of counselors by their side, Senior Leos continue to develop important traits through activities that encourage responsibility toward the community and their peers.

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Sr. Leos Daily Life

At our vibrant summer camp, third and fourth graders embark on a whirlwind of daily adventures designed to ignite their curiosity and foster their creativity. Each morning kicks off with an array of exciting activities, from interactive science experiments that captivate budding young minds to challenging team-building exercises that promote collaboration and leadership skills. As the day unfolds, campers dive into hands-on arts and crafts projects, where they unleash their imaginations and bring their ideas to life through paint, clay, and other creative mediums. With a blend of structured activities and free play, our camp provides a nurturing environment where third and fourth graders can thrive, make new friends, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

SummerWorks campers learn about gardening in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Rowland Hall SummerWorks campers smile outside in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Excited campers in a tire playground at Rowland Hall SummerWorks.
Rowland Hall campers enjoy the library during SummerWorks in Utah.
Children create bubbles at Rowland Hall's SummerWorks camp in Utah.
A SummerWorks camper practices parkour in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Kids with ice pops at Rowland Hall's SummerWorks in Salt Lake City.
Children drawing on fabric at Rowland Hall's SummerWorks in Utah.
Rowland Hall SummerWorks kids engage in an activity in Utah.

Weekly Activities

Choice Activities

Choice is important for kids, and this is an opportunity for our campers to think about what they enjoy and to make their own choices in how they want to spend their time at camp.


Senior Leos go swimming twice a week at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex. These sessions provide campers with a refreshing physical activity that enhances their fitness and promotes overall well-being.

Field Trips

Senior Leos participate in one off-campus field trip per week. Each field trip offers campers the opportunity to explore, learn, and have a blast in a unique way.

Special Event Friday

Each Friday, campers enjoy special events. These may include a visit from a guest, an all-camp carnival, or a fun water day. We like to end each week on a celebratory note.

SummerWorks Calendar

Rowland Hall's McCarthey Campus

Space is limited this week. More spots may open at a later date.

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Camp runs from 8:45 am to 3:45 pm. Drop-off will be from 8:45 to 9 am, and pick-up will be from 3:45 to 4 pm. PM Extended Care will be available from 4 to 5:30 pm.