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We're preparing for another exciting summer filled with learning, adventure, and growth. Tuition information for 2024 camps can be found below.


Cubs (ages 4 and 5) $450/week
Junior Leos (grades 1 and 2) $420/week
Senior Leos (grades 3 and 4) $420/week
Winged Leos (grades 5 and 6) $420/week
Leaders in Training (grades 7 and 8) $420/week
Tuition is assessed as a flat rate per week, ensuring simplicity and predictability in planning. For weeks with fewer than five days, this rate is adjusted accordingly, reflecting a per-day reduction from the standard weekly rate.


Kindergarten $340/week
Grade 1 $340/week
Grades 2 & 3 $340/week
Grades 4 & 5 $340/week
Grades 6 & 7 $340/week
Please note that if your child is signed up for YouCubed and would like to attend SummerWorks in the afternoon, you can receive 50% off SummerWorks tuition for this week (July 29–August 2). If this is of interest, please reach out the Harper Lundquist at 

Refund Policy

In order to receive a full refund, please contact us by Wednesday, May 15 to cancel your camper's registration. You can receive a 50% refund if you cancel two weeks prior to the week of camp you wish to cancel. Refunds will not be issued for camp days missed due to illness or other reasons. If you have any other questions regarding our refund policy, please contact Harper Lundquist, Director of SummerWorks, at

Please contact our office if your camper will miss camp unexpectedly. Our office number is 801-924-2972.


If a week fills up, you will have the option to be on the waitlist. If a family cancels their registration, the next family on the list will be sent an email letting them know they have an opportunity to take that spot. After the email is sent, families will have 2 days (48 hours) to decide before the spot will go to the next family on the list. 

 If you have any other questions regarding the waitlist, please email Harper Lundquist, Director of SummerWorks, at or call the SummerWorks office, our number is 801-924-2972